VR Kit / VR Kit XL – The Future, Simplified.

Inspired by Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, you can finally EASILY convert your smartphone into a kick-ass virtual reality headset with the EightOnes VR Kit, which is the best complete Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit on the market!

The VR Kit comes pre-cut and pre-numbered so you can assemble within one minute with intuitive instructions and get started immediately. Our VR Kit team at EightOnes (we call them VR Scientists now and then), we have also included exclusive access to EightOnes VR Portal for amazing VR content to help you hit the ground running immediately (in Virtual Reality, of course).

Assemble within seconds and immerse yourself in a virtual world. Virtual reality is already here and its super affordable!

Now available in three colours – Brown, Red and Black!

The Complete Google Cardboard Kit

Each VR Kit / VR Kit XL comes complete with all the accessories you will need for the ultimate virtual reality experience.

From head-strap, NFC and even to access of our highly rated Get Started guide with video instructions and apps recommendations.

The EightOnes VR Kit is the last Google Cardboard kit you will need.

Variety in Color and Sizes

EightOnes VR Kit comes in 3 colors (Original Brown, Jet Black and Crimson Red) to ensure the ultimate Google Cardboard experience that suits everyone’s taste.

For larger phones, we have the EightOnes VR Kit XL for phone sizes from 5.0 inches to 5.7 inches because we heard bigger means better!