EightOnes is a start-up focusing on virtual reality technology. We have also ventured into consumer electronics and lifestyle products. Founded in London (United Kingdom), our operations have expanded globally to the rest of Europe and USA.

We only have two core values: Amazing Products and Happy Users.

Amazing Products
We believe in ensuring the best experience in all of our products and have gone through great lengths to ensure quality from design, manufacturing to delivery of the product to end users. Even better, we are constantly looking to improve our products with the valuable feedback provided by our amazing user base

Happy Users
We value our users greatly and we acknowledge that we would be nowhere without them. We strive to ensure that all of our users are 100% satisfied with their purchase. That’s why we also offer a 12-month warranty and 90-day money back guarantee, unparalled by our competition. Furthermore, users can trust our highly-rated customer happiness (aka customer service) team to provide the necessary after-sales support.