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Thank you for your support over the years. We really appreciate it!The EightOnes Team

As virtual reality matures, the EightOnes team feel that it will serve our customers better by discontinuing our products (being the EightOnes Candybar and various versions of the EightOnes VR Kit – v1, v2 and XL).

This is due to the changing landscape of virtual reality. As the industry matures, we felt that the cardboard VR just doesn’t cut it anymore and has served its purpose of providing millions (and the thousands of our customers) a small taste of the possibilities of virtual reality. If you are interested in VR, do check out the other (high-end) options available in the market such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and Google DayDream.

We will, of course, continue providing the support to the products (if needed) and should you ever require any assembly instructions for the EightOnes VR Kits. Please feel free to check out the assembly instructions in the videos below.

EightOnes VR Kit v1 and XL

EightOnes VR Kit v2

What are we up to now?

While our team have taken a break from our work with EightOnes, we are part of a larger organisation – 81 Brands, which will continue to focus on high quality products and a wonderful customer experience.

If you are interested in future updates on our work, please feel free to stay up to date via the contact form opposite. We will love to keep you updated on news and future product development!

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